Istituto Marangoni mentoring project, dedicated to womenswear designers, designed to support and promote the work of outstanding alumni.

A one of a kind project, I’M Alumni Collections ®evolution confirms Istituto Marangoni commitment to enhance young designers through financial, logistics, organizational and promotional support aiming at rewarding talent and fostering the career development of its Alumni.
Cadidates are invited to share their creative ideas for S/S 2020 collection (30/40 outfits). Istituto Marangoni will support the winner throughout all stages of the project, from the collection production to the realization of the fashion show event, to be held during Milano Fashion Week September 2019.
Istituto Marangoni and sponsor companies - fabric and clothing manufacturers, garment producers - will provide the designer with all material and human resources to successfully accomplish the project.
An ad hoc PR campaign will be structured so as to advertise the project through the main online and offline communication channels.


The competition is open to young designer who:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • are Istituto Marangoni Alumni
  • never did a fashion show featured in any official fashion weeks calendar*
  • have a registered brand
  • have at least one past collection**

*Designers who already produced and presented their collection/s are eligible participants.

**Not preceding the last 4 seasons


Applicant must submit the following documents:

  • CV (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max.size 10mb)
  • portfolio (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max. size 10mb)
  • S/S20 collection lookbook of at least 30/40 outfits and with inspiration/philosophy introduction (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max. size 10mb)
  • lookbook of one past collection – not preceding the last 4 seasons (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max. size 10mb)

Applicants can submit also other documents (if available):

  • lookbook of a second past collection – not preceding the last 4 seasons (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max. size 10mb)
  • press kit (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max. size 10mb)
  • list of stockists (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip – max. size 10mb)
  • others (A3 or A4 format, .pdf., .jpg. , .tiff, .zip. – max. size 10mb)


A Committee of experts appointed by Istituto Marangoni will examine the applications and select the winner.
The Committee will assess materials received in terms of worthiness, quality of style, contemporary nature of products, consistency with market expectations and innovation, in accordance with the principles of transparency, fairness, good faith and equal treatment.
At the end of the evaluation process the Committee will select the winner at its own indisputable judgment.
The selected candidate will be notified via email and asked for formal acceptance and his/her name will be advertised on Istituto Marangoni corporate website and social media channels.

The selected candidate will have the possibility to:

  • access a learning project allowing him/her to experience each stage of the realization of a fashion collection and to interact directly with suppliers
  • realize his/her S/S20 collection for free thanks to the collaboration of sponsors selected by Istituto Marangoni
  • present the S/S20 collection through a Fashion Show event totally sponsored by Istituto Marangoni and its partners, to be held during Milano Fashion Week September 2019 (complete of location, models, direction, invitation, videos, etc.)
  • have an ad hoc online and offline PR campaign that will cover the entire project:
    • announcement and promotion of the selected candidate on IM social media channels and through IM press contact
    • advertisement of project phases featuring the selected candidate and/or his/her collection on IM social media channels and through IM press contacts
    • advertisement of fashion show event on IM social media channels and through IM press contacts

Any applications received after the applications deadline (26th of March 2019) or through any other means different from the website hereby referred to, will not be accepted.


The I’M Alumni Collections ®evolution Committee is composed by leading Istituto Marangoni Management members, fashion industry representatives, magazine directors, buyers.
The I’M Alumni Collections ®evolution Committee will unquestionably judge and select the best candidate profile.


The selected candidate will be asked to confirm acceptance of participation to the project within 3 working days from receipt of notification email.
Lacking a feedback, the jury will choose the runner-up as selected candidate.


The selected candidate shall undertake to respect any time the image of Istituto Marangoni and to refrain from any behaviour and declaration that may undermine Istituto Marangoni good name and reputation.


The selected candidate will participate to other initiatives linked to I’M Alumni Collections ®evolution project, promoted by Istituto Marangoni or by the project sponsor companies.


The candidate assures that all intellectual property rights used in the material provided are owned by the candidate or the candidate has a consent to use materials, texts or images of third parties. The candidate will keep Istituto Marangoni exempt, without limitation, from any claim, liability, costs, expenses, damages, injuries, direct and indirect loss of business, that may raise to Istituto Marangoni as a consequence of direct or indirect use of third party materials, texts or images.
The candidate agrees to allow Istituto Marangoni to use, severally or jointly, texts and images of their own dream; property rights of all images and texts shall be exclusively and definitively transferred to Istituto Marangoni, free of charge and without time limitation.


The candidate recognizes the collection, all the materials and documents (included, but not limited to, sketching and rendering of the look, specially created clothing) provided to the Istituto Marangoni as property of Istituto Marangoni.
The candidate maintains the property rights of the registered brand.
The candidate is fully responsible for any breach of the property rights of others (including property, industrial and intellectual rights) and also guarantees that the submitted look don’t undermine the intellectual property rights of third parties.
The candidate agrees to release Istituto Marangoni from liability against any claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, cost or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in any way arise from Third Parties relative to the S/S20 collection. The candidate agrees to release Istituto Marangoni from liability of being sued by Third Parties for any claims relative to the S/S20 collection.


By filling out the registration form with personal information and uploading requested documents, the candidate accepts, without exceptions, the conditions expressed in the initiative as well as the Committee’s decision.
The selected candidate will sign a contract to accept and undersign I’M Alumni Collections ®evolution project conditions.
The selected candidate will sign a “Permission and Release form” for images, videos and sound/voice recordings to be shared internationally.